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  • Elvia C McGarry

Be Infinite

Remember Your Essence... is the call that comes from SPIRIT - SOURCE - ALL THAT IS... to all the Souls in this Universe.

Remember Your Essence... is our infinite anchoring mode of vibrations from the Essence of our Soul, we are infinite Beings full of Love/Light, wisdom and knowledge.

Remember Your Essence... is the simplest way of activating your inner awareness.

Remember Your Essence... as you read these words there are energies that are being activated for a positive expressions and experience in the present moment.

Remember Your Essence... welcomes you and surrounds you with LOVE/LIGHT to support you as you stand strong in your Essence.

Remember Your Essence is what SPIRIT asked me to name this website.

There are many Blessings given to you for the journey.

Elvia "Cecilia" McGarry

It just is- Love/Light and Gratitude

You are a Blessing to the Planet


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