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Elvia Cecilia McGarry

For the last 30 years, Elvia “Cecilia” McGarry has shared her gifts of healing and healing techniques throughout the world. While on her spiritual journey, she has become an ordained International Response Association certified Minister, Teacher, and a Consultant for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Through SRT and her Conscious Living techniques, she has touched the lives of countless souls.


As a young child growing up in Ecuador, she first experienced being in tune with messages of Spirit. Her experiences continued when she moved with her family to the United States in the 1960s. Cecilia currently resides near St. Paul, Minnesota.


Cecilia has written a variety of newsletters about her experiences. Elephant Walk- The Inner Journey, is about awareness of self. Messages from Mother Earth provide reflections for daily living. Connections of the Heart explores relationships, while her most current newsletter, Universal Heart Center, assists in the spiritual journey. Along with these writings, Cecilia has begun to write her very own book about her awareness and journey in life.

Because of her love to help and guide others, she holds seminars for Conscious Living, the clarification of how each of the bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) react to every word that is expressed. She also co-created and teaches the Treasure Box Process, a process that clarifies our different choices as an individual.


Cecilia travels throughout the United States to share her findings and techniques while offering group and personal healing sessions. Her journey continues to express her wholeness.

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