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Conscious Living

Recognizing the Impact our Expressions have on our Vision

My Story

For over 30 years, Elvia “Cecilia” McGarry has shared her gifts of healing techniques and spiritual wellness throughout the world. While on this journey, she has become an ordained International Response Association certified Minister, Teacher, and a Consultant for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). Her teachings have inspired countless souls to live their best self.


The Year of Commitment

12 Months | 12 Commitments  

1. First and foremost, commit to LOVE the Wholeness of You.

2. Be present in all that you do


What We Do


What are your goals? What are your obstacles? What are your concerns? Identify the pursuit and visualize the journey.


Remove the distractions, bring clarity, and allow the answer to present itself. 


Breathe life into a better YOU. Your journey is guided by the architecture you choose to put forth.

Classes are taught throughout the year for Basic and Advanced SRT 


More Information

What is SRT?


Spiritual Response Therapy is a non-denominational practice that uses our inherent spiritual nature and connectedness to reprogram our physical, mental and emotional lives to express positive and good.



Experience in-person the teachings of SRT and how it can transform your approach to life's everyday choices.  Choose from a selection of beginner to advanced courses and be on your way to achieving clarity.  This is your path to Spiritual Healing.


I want to share my message with you in a series of monthly themed webinars.  Each are designed to follow my teachings  - Love, Light & Appreciation.  I encourage your Inner Self to connect with the message and find the parallels in your conscious living. 



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Elvia "Cecilia" McGarry



woodbury, mn